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Donna M. Munden
President - Payrite Payroll Services, Inc.

Phone 856-453-2882 (Fax:856-451-0799)
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Donna M. Munden is the President of Payrite Payroll Services, Inc., our payroll processing service. She has over 30 years of experience in this area. Payrite can meet all your payroll processing needs, from payroll checks (including direct deposit) and tax depositories, to quarterly and year-end tax reporting forms for both federal and all 50 states. In addition, a wide variety of payroll and payroll-related reports can be provided to simplify your recordkeeping and better manage your business. We welcome you to join our joint endeavor to provide rapid, quality, personal and confidential payroll services. Call Donna for further details and let Payrite Payroll Services, Inc. be the "The Right Payroll Solution" to your payroll processing problems.